About Cold Shot Blues Rock

Cold Shot Blues Rock (abbreviated to CSBR) is a British blues/rock group, formed in 2014 by Steve Turner and Fred Harrison.

Their name comes from the classic Stevie Ray Vaughan single “Cold Shot”, which has influenced many blues bands.

Although the band is based in the city of Preston, the band members live in different towns around the northwest. This makes it easy for Cold Shot Blues Rock to gig in areas such as Preston, Bolton, Bury, Lytham, Blackburn, Blackpool, Lancaster, Wigan, Manchester etc.

What can you expect from Cold Shot Blues Rock?

You can expect to see a band that wows their audience with a mixture of modern and classic blues rock music using thundering drum beats, roaring bass lines and screaming guitars!

Expect an amazing sound and light show using their fully self contained large PA system and unique lighting set up including LED Par Cans, Lasers and Haze for an incredible live atmosphere!

What makes your light show so unique?

All our lights and lasers are linked wirelessly to Andy’s electronic drum kit and triggered live when he plays his drums making every show a unique experience.

Why does Steve have so many red guitars?

To the untrained eye they may all appear red, but infact there are subtle tonal differences in each guitar giving Steve a totally different look everytime he changes guitar.

Do you use backing tracks?

No, everything you hear is 100% live! We prefer to play without backing tracks to give us more freedom and fluidity which makes each gig different to the next.

Are you a covers or originals group?

We are an authentic British Blues Rock band playing mainly cover songs but are gradually adding more original songs as time goes on. We are happy to play purely covers if your event requires this.